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Animal Feed Supplements

Masti-Z Animal Feed Supplement
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Composition (Each 60gm Contains)

Trisodium Citrate 35 gm
Vitamin A 4000 I.U.
Amino Nitrogen 100 mg
Vitamin E 1500 I.U
Potassium Iodide 2.5 gm
Lacto Bacillus 200 million CFU
Zinc Sulphate Zinc Sulphate
Serratiopeptidase 120 mg
Aloevera 100 mg
Vitamin K 400 I.U.
Ocimum Sanctum 1000 mg
AzadirachtaIndica 4000 mg
Bromelain 320 mg
Live Yeast Culture 7500 million CFU
Sodium Selenite 10 mg

Indications: -

  • Milk PH Buffer
  • Powerful Antioxidant
  • Immunopotentiator

Pack Size:

60 gm Pouch in a Mono Cartoon.

Shelf Life:

02 (Two) Years)

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Aptho Wash
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Composition (Each 100gm Contains)

Vitamin C 200mg
Potassium Iodate 200mg
Glutamic acid 50mg


  • Aphthous lesions
  • Thyroid Imbalance
  • Ptyalism
  • Hypertrichosis
  • After-effects of FMD leading to infertility and panting

Dosage & Administration:

  • It is normally administers orally.
  • Cattle,Buffalo& Horse-25gm thrice daiy for 5-7 days.
  • Sheep & Goat-15gm thrice daily for 5-7 days.

Usage Instruction:

In case of tongue lesions,please apply gently at recommended dosage thrice daily on the surface of the tongue.


As recommended by registered veterinary doctors.

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Product Details

Type Designer Ladies Flat Sandals
Material Rubber
Style Modern
Color Multicolor
Country of Origin India
Brand Name Gripex Footwear

Composition (Each 20gm Contains)

Dried ferrous sulphate 2000 mg
Vitamin B1 98 mg
Vitamin B12 2 mg
Cobalt Sulphate 200 mg
Nux Vomica 400 mg
Ginger 2800 mg
Sodium bi Carbonate 1450 mg


Indicated for the treatment of ruminant animals suffering from indigestion, Inappetence,   anorexia, gastritis   and ruminal impaction.

Dosage and Administration:

Cattle & Buffalo: 20-40 gm for 100-300 kg body wt, 60gm for 301-500 kg body weight

Sheep and goats: 5-10 gm for 15-25 kg body wt, 10-20 gm for 25 kg or above body weight

Requried quantity of Rume Top should be mixed in 1-2 liter of drinking water and apply 

Twice daily for 2-3 days.


Protect from light store in a cool &dry place, keep out of rech of children.


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S-TOX Animal Feed Supplements
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Product Details

Packaging Details 125gm
Application Animal Use

Indication :

  • Gastric andmetabolic disorders in cattle , calf, sheep and goat :
  • Bloat of Ruminants
  • Aduvant treatment of Hypoglycemic states-ketosis
  • Milk fever
  • Pregnancy toxemia & Acidosis
  • Digestive disorders due to decreased activity of Rumen, reticulum And sudden dietary changes
  • Intoxications
  • Supportive therapy in disease caused by foreigen bodies


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Product Details

Cultivation Type Organic
Function Animal Feed
Dosage Form Powder
Country of Origin India


  1. Acts well on toxins and moulds.
  2. Controls the pathogenic bacteria in the gut.
  3. Decreases the chances of disease outbreaks.
  4. Increases the quality of water by reducing PH.
  5. Helps for stimulation of liver,better digestion,absorption of nutrients.
  6. Helps to increase renal function and purity of blood.
  7. Helps to increase egg production in layers.
  8. Helpsfor fast growths and more body weights in broiler.

Dosage & Administration: 

Dairy:  Cow & Buffalo:  for 50-100 ml daily for  5-7 Days. Goat & Sheep : 25-30ml daily for 5-7 days. Poultry : In drinking water: 1ml/1litre of water 5-7 days each month.


1. After opening use as soon as possible.

2. Use after reading the usage note.

3. Consult with your veterinarian.

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Product Details

Material Multi Grains
Cultivation Type Organic
Shelf Life 2 Years
Function Animal Feed
Dosage Form Granule
Country of Origin India

Composition (Each 10 ml. Contains)

Vitamin A 70000IU
Vitamin D3 14000IU
Vitamin E 25mg
Sodium Sulphate 25mg
Zinc Sulphate 1mg


  • Infertility, Sil  performance
  • prevent excessive ejaculation of ox/bull
  • increase weight gain
  • decrease disease prevalence 


Maximum bio-availability of  minerals in body Improves immunity, digestion & overall health status. Increase meat production. Increase body immunity. 

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